Dolphin Snorkel Adventure - Swim with Wild Dolphins in Hawaii

The Dolphin Snorkel Tour lets you swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment.  Snorkeling with dolphins in the beautiful blue waters of Hawaii is unmatched.  Liquid Hawaii is your ultimate guide for exciting dolphin snorkel tours.  The Hawaiian spinner dolphins are curious and playful by nature, allowing us a close dolphin swimming encounter that is unique and special every time.  Snorkeling alongside a pod of wild dolphins is unlike anything you have ever experienced.  It is truly an epic ocean experience that will be one of your best memories of your time in Hawaii!  We conduct our Dolphin Swim Tours with respect for the wildlife.  The safety of the animals and our guests are our highest priorities.  We provide you with proper etiquette of snorkeling with wild dolphins so they are not stressed in any way.  We are an ocean eco-tour company and a Green Listed Activity Provider in Hawaii.

Liquid Hawaii takes 6 guests on our dolphin snorkel tours.  We want you to have quality snorkeling time, intimate dolphin encounters and the personal attention that you only get from our charters.  Join us book your Dolphin Snorkel Adventure!

Check-in time:  8:00am for the Dolphin Snorkel Tour.

Departs From:  Puako Boat Ramp, Puako

Boat Charter:  4 hours.

$189.00 per person, plus tax.  Includes all snorkel gear, snacks, juice, bottled water & soda.

3 person minimum

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Swimming with dolphins is amazing, there is nothing like snorkeling with wild dolphins in Hawaii.  We will set out along the beautiful coast looking for Hawaiian Spinner dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins and Spotted dolphins.  Hawaiian spinner dolphins are here year-round.  They come close to shore in the morning to rest and socialize after a night of hunting.  They get their name from their acrobat spins and flips as they leap out of the water—quite an entertaining sight of wildlife!  Weighing around 170 pounds, they are incredibly social and playful.  They can be found in sub pods of 10 or more and in super pods of up to 200+.  Once we find a pod of dolphins, we will give a detailed briefing on how to safely and respectfully snorkel with the dolphins.  These amazing and intelligent creatures will use their "dolphin sonar" to echolocate as they swim around you, and you can actually hear them communicating as a pod when they approach you in the water.  Our dolphin  swim charter will be one you will never forget.

Our Boat

‘Liquid Hi’ is a Custom Northport SeaForce 730 Military Zodiac boat that has served our country, formerly used by the U.S. Navy Special Forces and is now serving our guests in Hawaii.  It has a large bimini top that offers plenty of shade, dry storage, comfortable seating and a smooth ride.  

We provide masks, snorkels, fins and flotation devices.  Please bring a towel and non-aerosol sunscreen.

We recommend that you take medication or natural remedies to prevent seasickness to optimize your enjoyment of the trip.  We do not offer medication on the boat.  To ensure best results of avoiding seasickness, take medication the day before the trip and 2 hours prior to trip departure so it is in your system.

MINIMUM 3 PASSENGERS for the Dolphin Snorkel Adventure



Spinner Dolphins of Hawaii

(Stenella longirostris)

Dolphin Encounters

People are fascinated with the Spinner Dolphin and all that it entails.  It is one of the most social of all species.  It is also one of the most spectacular to be able to view due to their amazing jumps, flips, and spins outside of the water.

Dolphin Description

This is a small and slender dolphin, and the size of them will vary based on where they reside.  The common coloration for them is dark gay on the back and then lighter gray on the sides.  They are white or light gray on the belly.  They may have a very dark gray stripe that runs from the eye to the flipper.  They have a beak that is long and thin with a dorsal fin that is triangular shaped.

The average size for a Spinner Dolphin is from 6 to 7 feet in length.  They can weigh from 130 to 170 pounds.  The males are longer and heavier than the females.  The males also have a more distinctive postanal hump than the females.  The have a small head.  A dwarf subspecies of the Spinner Dolphin has been identified around the Southeastern portion of Asia.

Dolphin Distribution

The open areas of the tropical seas are where most of them are found.  They tend to live further from land than most other species of dolphins.  They are known to live in various oceans around the world including the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian.  They may be found in shallow waters to look for food from time to time.  In Hawaii, they have been seen closer to the coast than in any other regions.  They will rest in the bay areas for protection during the day.

Dolphin Behavior

Spinning in the air is the behavior that this particular dolphin is well known for.  They are also known to ride bow waves that are created by boats in the water.  They can be found living in groups that range from 100 to more than 1,000.  Within those larger pods, there are many smaller sub pods that can be complex to evaluate.  There is a dominant hierarchy in place.

Dolphins are extremely social within their pods as well as with other species of dolphins.  They have been seen using echolocation to find each other.  They also touch frequently and tend to create very close bonds.  The jumps and spins that they are so well known for will take place day or night.

Resting at various inlets is a common practice during the day for Spinner Dolphins.  It is common to see them returning to the same locations day after day.  After they have rested and the sun is going down, they will get busy looking for food resources.  Migration is a big part of life for these dolphins.  They will move long distances to follow prey and to be able to stay in warm waters.

Dolphin Feeding

Squid is a huge part of the diet for the Spinner Dolphins.  These dolphins have no problem successfully hunting in the deeper and darker waters.  Yet at night the squid are more apt to be coming to the surface of the water.  They will rarely be seen feeding in the daylight hours.  They also consume large amounts of fish and shrimp.  Most of the time, they dine on vertically migrating species.  They can dive up to 984 feet to get food.

Dolphin Reproduction

Dolphin females are ready to mate around 4 to 7 years of age.  For males, it occurs later with an age between 7 and 10 years old.  Mating rituals have been observed with the Spinning Dolphins.  They tend to touch often and to pay plenty of attention to the one they plan to mate with.  The time of year for mating depends on the location where these dolphins live.  It is believed there are a couple of times a year when hormone levels increase which is when mating does occur.

After mating, it takes about 10 months before the single calf will arrive.  The mature females give birth once approximately every 3 years.  The baby dolphin will be born tail first, which is the case with all dolphin young.  They will grow very quickly consuming the milk from their mother.  They will be completely weaned about 2 years of age.

Baby dolphins will be introduced to other food sources around 6 months of age.  The bonds between a mother and her young can last a lifetime.  The average lifespan in the wild for Spinner Dolphins is 20 years.

Excerpts taken from - The Dolphin Institute - Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

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